Telecom Projects

Proven Track Record of Developing and Implementing Specialized Solutions for Telecom Sector.

Revenue Assurance Solution for Telecom

This Revenue Assurance Software was implemented for India leading Public Sector Telecom Company for their Premium Rate Services (PRS). All these PRS services like Chats, Horoscope and etc. are offered under revenue sharing agreement basis where in the revenue generated is split between the telecom operator and the service provider. COMM-IT solution for revenue settlement and revenue fraud management ensures that billing and invoicing is done on realized revenue and also detect any kind of revenue leakage frauds with PRS operators. The functionality of the solution includes PRS CDR Management (IN and PSTN Exchange), PRS Call Processing and Reconciliation, Tracking and Monitoring Heavy PRS Calls to detect Revenue Frauds, Revenue Settlement, Financial Reporting to Analyze Profitability and etc.

Self-Care Telecom Portal

Our Selfcare portal is a complete self-care portal which can be extended to any service based enterprise. The solution enables a telecom to extend all its services online. The solution provides for digital identity where all the request for legal identity is a must can be digitally signed and upon this the service provision can be directly made without any delay. The solution has self-provisioning module, digital identity, workflow management, alerts/notifications and e-commerce module handling new telecom service request, manage existing services, help desk and etc. There is complete back end support system with call center interface allowing efficient handling of all the request by backend operators and makes the online self-care experience convenient, simple, and personalized.

Specialized Billing Solutions for Telecom

COMM-IT implemented a specialized billing application to fill in the existing billing solutions gaps with the Telecom Operators. This solution was implemented for telephone connections (Mobile and Landline) which are provided to Indian Member of Parliament by one of the leading public sector telecom company in India. These connections can be taken by MP anywhere in India. The billing process is quite complex in the sense that it involves gathering of information from various states and each of these states may have different tariff regimes and different taxation structure. Our resultant software implemented named as MPBS; enabled telecom operator to expedite the billing and connection provisioning. The task which used to take around a month in manually collection details from all over India was made online whereby the billing details and provisioning is done at the click of the button.