Customer Complaint Automation

Workflow Enabled Framework to automate the Customer Complaint Management Process.

Customer Complaint Automation

Our Customer Complain Management is a workflow based solution and is specifically designed for CPG Industry which handles the process of registering, allocation and resolution of consumer complaints and acts a central repository to keep all records related to consumer complaints. The solution also has features to conduct details customer survey and feedbacks. The complains can be registered form multiple channels for registering complaints: via Front office executive, sales or manufacturing person coordinator etc. It has many features like forward/re-assign, searching, generating reports & escalation matrix for the complaint.


Key Features


Workflow Based Complaint Management

Implement Systematic and Workflow driven Customer Complaint Management Process to bring visibility and control. This helps in significantly increasing the efficiency, bringing transparency.


Multiple Channels for Complaint Registration

Provide multiple channel for registering of customer complaints; Front office executive, sales or manufacturing person coordinator etc. with roles definition for each channel.


Customer Survey and Feedback

Implement customised customer surveys and feedback to understand the pain points of the customer and use the same to improve the quality of the products/services.


Escalation Matrix

Complete escalation matrixbuilt into the Customer Complaint Workflow; allowing the system to automatically escalate tickers based on threshold time limit in case of no action.


Document Capturing

We can customize our solution to implement a complete document capturing for related to customer complaint which can be picture of the products or site reporting complaint, screen shots and etc.


Automated Alerts

The solution provides for generation of automatic email notification and alerts for tickets raised, action taken, tickets closed and etc. to the respective stakeholders. This can be further extended to SMS based alerts.


Roles Based Routing and Send Back Options

The Solution provides a complete roles based routing of Tickets within the workflow wherein user is able to take actions based on the role and permission on respective tickets.


Active Directory Integration

Implement a complete Active Directory Integration with Single Sign On of the Customer Complaint Workflow allowing the routing of workflow and taking actions based on the Active Directory hierarchy.


Analytics and Reports

Our solution provides complete analytics and drill down reports for every step of complaint management cycle. There is also Role based dashboardswith task based action reports allowing user all the history related to complaint tickets.


Mobile Integration

We can customize the solution and make it available on mobile devices and tablets. This helps in increasing the mobility of the field support technicianand support helpdesk staff and take action on tickets on the go.

Integrate with CRM or 3rd Party Software

We can develop tools to integrate to integrate the complete customer workflow solutions with your CRM or with other 3rd Party IT software enabling automated export and import of data.

Complete History Trails

Our Solutions ensures that all the activities are captured into the system with complete history trails giving complete insights in who did what, when and where. Modifications are logged with record of every user data changes ensuring trace into every changes.

Advantages of Our Customer Complaint Automation

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