Business Process Management

Delivering BPM Solutions Which adapts to your ever changing Business Processes; connecting People, Process and Information

Process Incentive Solutions

COMM-IT has helped companies in all industries streamline their processes, communicate more effectively with vendors and suppliers, encourage collaboration across project teams and throughout organizations, and improve relationships with their customers. Overall, this results in cost savings, better time to market, and happier, more productive employees in general. Our BPM solution gives businesses the ability to see where improvements need to be made, and the power to make them – regardless of whether they’re World’s leading beverage manufacturer or providing Telecom service provider.

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Function Vs Solutions Offering from COMM-IT

BPM Solutions Success Stories:

  • CAPEX- Capital Expenditure Management solution
  • Trade promotion management solution
  • Legal document management system
  • Claims management solution
  • New Hire Management solution
  • Sales consolidation


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  • More than a decade of experience in implementing BPM enabled solutions for medium to large enterprises across various BPMS platforms
  • Competency on almost all the known BPMS platform viz Skelta, K2, Microsoft Workflow Foundation Server, Microsoft SharePoint Workflow, Fujitsu, Oracle SOA Workflow engines
  • More 35 BPM solutions implemented across different industry verticals
  • Experienced and vast Resource pool of Domain experts, process consultants, BPM architects and BPM developers
  • Pre-build BPM Frameworks and Accelerators on various business processes to help you get started quickly.
  • Market tested approach to BPM implementation
  • Strong Technology Partnership with BPM vendors. Refer to Technology Partner page for more information.