Telecom Solutions

Telecom Solutions

Solutions are built on top of the existing software and hardware infrastructure of telecom provider to provide specific value additions.

Billing Solutions

Our Telecom Billing Framework is simple charging, billing, and customer care software solution characterized by flexibility and ease of use. The solution is available for specific and specialized billing requirement for telecom providers and it works as extension of the existing and billing solutions for wired and wireless. Solution can be group billing for corporates, specific billing for large corporates customer with highly customized plans, customized billing requirement for subsides government and educational customers and etc. Our core competencies include absolute flexibility, design and implementation of flexible rating engines, business rules configuration and rules-based business process automation, event and usage data collection, event-based billing, bill rendering, and web-based presentment.

Revenue Assurance Solutions

Our Telecom Revenue Assurance solution will meet your needs and budget while easing the process of revenue assurance. Framework is meant for Premium Rates Services (PRS) offered by telecom operators which are under revenue sharing model with partners and includes Chat Lines, Horoscope, Toll Free numbers, Telephonic Quizzes, optimize call routing or plan for future savings with current access rates. The solution delivers the most accurate and reliable means to address the complete revenue chains and integrate with the core billing framework to ensure that all PRS calls invoiced by partners are realized from the end customers. The solutions comprise of PRS Service Provider Management, Core Billing Server Integration and CDR Management (IN & PSTN) etc.

Telecom Self Care Portal

Our Selfcare portal is a complete self-care portal which can be extended to any service based enterprise. The solution enables a telecom to extend all its services online. The solution provides for digital identity where all the request for legal identity is a must can be digitally signed and upon this the service provision can be directly made without any delay. The solution has self-provisioning module, digital identity, workflow management, alerts/notifications and e-commerce module handling new telecom service request, manage existing services, help desk and etc. There is complete back end support system with call center interface allowing efficient handling of all the request by backend operators and makes the online self-care experience convenient, simple, and personalized.