COMM-IT has partnered with European pioneer NAVORI to provide digital signage solutions in India and Middle-East region. Successful implementation of various projects on Digital Signage has given COMM-IT strong expertise and edge over the next generation.
COMM-IT Digital Signage Solution goes beyond the traditional delivery of static information and advertising to offer a platform for interactive media experiences. A network of customizable displays provides next generation communication networks which allows you to create and deliver interactive and targeted messages to motivate your audiences. COMM-IT Digital Signage Services includes System Integration, Consulting and Information Services on Digital Signage, Installation and Project Management of Digital Signage Platforms, Content Services and Proof of Concept (POC) Development.
Navori SA is a world leader in digital signage technologies. The Company creates leading edge software applications that are used in retail, education, government, corporate communication, hospitality and various other sectors. Some of the NAVORI platform facts are:
Navori enterprise software products are used in 95 countries.
65 Countries have at least one certified Navori distributor.
There are 85,000 Navori Player licenses installed worldwide, managing over 200,000+ screens.
Navori is one of the top 3 digital signage software publishers in the world and growing.
Over 5,000+ references globally.